Baby Basics

Would you like to...

• learn about parenting?

• earn baby items?

• build your self-esteem?

• cook healthier?

• have a mentor?

• build friendships?

• learn more about God?

• ask the “tough” questions?

• have fun every week?

• end destructive cycles?

• take time out for yourself?

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Baby Basics Classes

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this program is for you! Baby Basics is an incentive-based, mentoring program that many have learned to love. You will be paired with a mentor who will provide a lesson plan unique to your needs and provide support during your pregnancy. You will have the opportunity to earn Mommy Money and Daddy Bucks by accomplishing the following tasks:

    1. Meet with a mentor.

    2. Watch a DVD & complete a worksheet.

    3. Obtain high school or college diploma.

    4. Obtain GED

    5. Complete Baby Basics homework.

    6. Obtain a job.

    7. Bring in sermon notes.

    8. Complete classes listed below.

Then, have fun shopping in our Baby Boutique with your Mommy and Daddy $$$!

Baby Boutique


1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trimesters

Prenatal Care

Your Developing Baby

Effects of Smoking & Alcohol Use

What’s Safe, What Isn’t

A Look at Adoption

Getting Ready for Baby


Newborn Care

Reduce The Risk of SIDS

Safe & Healthy Environment

Car Seat Safety

Discipline with Love

Breast Feeding Basics

Never Shake A Baby

Protect Children from Molestation

How to Really Love Your Child

Developing Close-Knit Family

Life Skills

Going It Alone


Money Management

Time Management

Conflict Management

Bible Study

What Is The Bible?

Old Testament

New Testament

Journey through John

Baby Basics Success Story: Baby Zion

Baby Zion’s mom came into our office abortion-minded and chose to parent after speaking with a counselor. He was very blessed by your donations to our Baby Boutique. Through the EWYL program, they were able to earn everything he needed - before he even arrived!