Why Children Need Fathers

Fathers play a very unique role in the lives of their children

Child Abuse •  40% of all reported child abuse cases come from single-parent homes.

Crime •  70% of all adolescents in correctional facilities come from single-parent homes.

Education •  When the father is absent, the children suffer from repeating grades, high drop out rates, and school disciplinary problems.

Emotional Problems •  These children are more likely to develop disruptive problems, anxiety, depression, higher levels of mother-adolescent arguments, withdrawal tendencies, trouble controlling anger, a weaker sense of right and wrong, addictions to drugs, alcohol, & tobacco, and more likely to commit suicide.

Health •  Not only are these children at risk during the pregnancy and delivery, but they tend to have more illnesses, be involved in dangerous or unhealthy behavior, and have a shorter life span.

Poverty •  Only 20% of the children born to unmarried women have their paternity established and are receiving child support.

Sexual Activity •  These children are more likely to begin sexual activity at a younger age, thereby increasing the chances of having a child out-of-wedlock.

Boys are also affected:

• Only a man can teach a boy how to become a man, and later a father.

• They are less sensitive to the needs of others.

• They have attachment and bonding problems.

• These boys have problems with those in authority over them.

Girls are also affected:

• They are fearful of abandonment, rejection, and commitment.

• They have a hard time trusting others.

• They have no clue about how to relate to men who are so different.

• They lack a feeling of competence.

• These girls are 3 times more likely to lose their virginity before their 16th birthday than a child raised by 2 parents.

• 92% of fatherless girls will experience divorce as adults.

Even the best mother in the world cannot be a father.  She does not have the time, energy, or basic abilities to fully develop her child.  Now you can see how important you are to your child!

Fathers and mothers relate so differently with their children.

• Initiates more active play

• Is more tolerant of physical exploration

• Encourages autonomy & independence

• Communicates with commands

• Models directness & self-assertion

• Provides more social stimulation

• Plays more with the child

• Concerned with verbal-intellectual teaching

• Communicates with questions, directives, & suggestions

• Draws out cooperation

• Is more rhythmic and restraining

• Is caregiver and manager



Boys show higher levels of obedience to their fathers than to their mothers.  Children see fathers as more threatening and more powerful than mothers.

The general positive ways a father can impact his children are:

• Have practice in regulating own emotions

• Learn how to recognize other’s emotional cues

• Have higher physical and emotional well-being

• Help in learning to relate to others, especially men and boys

• Attain higher levels of education and economic self-sufficiency

  1. Are more likely to be responsible fathers themselves

  2. Reflect God to your child by being a protector and a provider

• Have a greater ability to take initiative

• Show greater ability of self-control

• Are better problem solvers

• Are able to manage stress better

For further information on the father-child relationship, click here to visit the website www.fatherhood.org, which is for the National Fatherhood Initiative.http://www.fatherhood.org/http://www.fatherhood.orgshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1

Children raised without an active father are disadvantaged when compared with children raised in two-parent homes.  Children without an active father tend to experience the following:

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