Surrendering The Secret
a Bible study designed to heal the heartbreak of abortion

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Surrendering the Secret Sessions

43% of women have had an abortion in their past. Others have helped some get an abortion. As a result, many of these women daily carry the pain and grief alone. Are you one of these women? You are NOT alone – God wants to give you HOPE, healing, and peace!

  1. Where have you come from?

  2. Sharing The Secret: A Spring in the Desert

  3. Walk in Truth

  4. A Time for Anger: Tearing Down Roadblocks

  5. Forgiveness: A Giant Step Toward Freedom

  6. From Grief to the Great Exchange

  7. The Peace of Release

  8. Share the Journey

Visit for more information, including a video overview of this study and testimonies from women who have experienced healing.

If you feel you have never completely healed or recovered from an abortion experience, or that a past abortion may be affecting your current quality of life, then Surrendering the Secret is for you. Most women are not ready to face post-abortion counseling until 20 years after the abortion. This study offers a 6 step biblical healing model led by women who have been where you are.

Surrendering the Secret is a study designed to bring women together who understand the need for seeking peace with the past and desire a better understanding of God’s plan for making the most painful losses of our past work for His glory!

Our mission is to provide a supportive and confidential environment that facilitates healing and restoration from a past abortion and bringing a sense of hope and purpose for the future. Contact our office (256)237-9999 to begin your journey of healing.

The Surrendering The Secret book is available from Life Way Christian Resources. Click here to order a copy of the book.